SmartDx supports clinical decision by including patient risk factors and real-time analytics in health testing

  • Our vision

    We want to improve the accuracy of 100M infectious disease rapid tests performed every year

    Performance improvement

    Of Rapid Diagnostic Tests

    Our goal is to improve the accuracy of existing rapid tests by attaching contextual information (like epidemiological, patient risk factors) to the interpretation of the physical test result.

    Cost savings

    For insurance providers

    Rapid tests improved with SmartDx avert expensive lab testing and save medical bills from complications from mistreatment

    Increase sales

    For test manufacturers

    SmartDx allows rapid test makers to market increased performance of existing diagnostics products, thereby driving up sales

  • Meet Our Team

    Our cross-platform team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication

    Rahil Jain

    Phd Student, Electrical Engineering​

    Connected devices and mobile App developer

    Blythe Adamson

    Phd Student, Pharmacy

    Prediction model developer

    Dr. Barry Lutz

    Associate Professor, Bioengineering

    Principle investigator

    Dr. Matt Thompson

    Professor, Family Medicine

    Clinical collaborator

    Dr. Sean Mooney

    Professor, Bioinformatics and CIO, UWMC

    Patient information advisor

  • News

    SEBA Science and Technology Showcase Jan 2017

    SmartDx presented at the Annual Science and Technology showcase and bagged the 'Most Innovative' Award

    GIX Global Innovation Competition Nov 2016

    Beating 300 connected product companies, SmartDx bagged the third place and a $10k award

    CoMotion Innovation Fund Nov 2016

    SmartDx is in the final round of UW CoMotion Innovation Fund

    APF Student Technology Prize Aug 2016

    SmartDx was among top 10 projects selected for the prestigious student prize and was awarded $10k to develop a full project proposal